Monday, July 13, 2009

How to Dress Like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

E-HOW provides tips on how to dress like Jackie.....Both Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy are said to emulate her style. Interestingly enough, Jackie's muse was said to be legendary actress Audrey Hepburn; one book reports she "set out to recreate Audrey's look because she found it so simple and chic.


Things You'll Need:

Shift Dress
White Gloves
Simple Pea Coats with Big Buttons
Matching Pill Box Hat
Formal Gown
Oversized Jackie-O Sunglasses
Black Turtleneck
"Jackie" Handbag
Cartier Tank Watch

Step 1
Get inspiration from iconic Jackie Kennedy during her years at the White House. Before she was Jackie Onassis, she was Jackie Bouvier, the debutante, and later, Mrs. Jackie Kennedy, the first-wife fashion icon. She wore shift dresses, pearls on occasion, white gloves, simple pea coats with big buttons, and matching pill box hats.

Step 2
Get a slender floor-length gown. For formal state-dinner events, Onassis would be garbed in magnificent floor-length gowns created by Valentino and Givenchy. She would wear elegant elbow-length gloves. Designer Oleg Cassini described her as the "geometric goddess." Despite her love for French designers, she largely depended on American-born Cassini. He designed a reported 300 outfits for the First Lady.

Step 3
Get the casual Jackie Onassis look. When choosing tops, look at round or bateau necklines. She also preferred black turtlenecks.

Step 4
Get oversized Jackie O-style sunglasses. You know you're a fashion icon when your name is used to describe a certain style. Jackie O-style sunglasses are glamorous and ooze effortless wealth.

Step 5
Another accessory with Jackie Onassis as its namesake is the Gucci "Jackie" bag. Gucci sold a record 6,000 pieces of the "G-G" version alone when it was relaunched in 1999. If it's out of your budget, find a well-constructed lookalike.

Step 6
Get a timepiece that resembles Onassis' Cartier tank watch. It is reported that she always wore a Cartier tank watch.

Step 7
Choose your materials well. If you're going to consider fabrics, Jackie draped herself in cashmere and silk satin. Fine clothing material doesn't just emanate wealth, it also promotes the longevity of your clothes. Lesson learned, also learn to treat your clothes according to fabric.

Tips & Warnings

Have good posture. A reason why Onassis always looked elegant was that she had pristine posture. Her love of ballet may have helped, but posture can be something practiced and developed.

Dress appropriately for each event. When Onassis visited the Pope in 1962, she decided to wear a fitted black, long-sleeve, floor-skimming Oleg Cassini. She still looked amazing, but Onassis knew exactly how to dress modestly. In contrast, she made jaws drop in magnificent gowns for formal White House dinners.

Choose your colors wisely. Onassis enjoyed the neutral hue of gray mixed with beige which was appropriately called "greige.. She also enjoyed the blend of orange and pink. Onassis loved the combination of black and white. She would always prefer white on the bottom because the other way would be a "waiter look."

Choose natural materials such as linen, cotton, silk, damask.

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