Wednesday, July 29, 2009

List of Songs About or Alluding to Jackie

Jackie playing records on her phonograph at Hyannisport in 1961. Years later, it is doubtful even Jackie would have believed how many songs would immortalize her in their titles and lyrics but here's a partial list:


"Jackie O" by John Mellencamp

"One's on the Way" by Loretta Lynn - "And Jackie's seen in a discotheque doing a brand new dance."

"Jackie Will Save Me" by American rock band Shiny Toy Guns

"Jackie's Strength" by Tori Amos
"Jackie Onassis" by Boston protopunk band Human Sexual Response.

"Tire Me" by Rage Against the Machine includes the lines "I wanna be Jackie Onassis/I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses" from the song named "Jackie Onassis".

"Jacqueline/Jackie-O" by Strung Out

"Don't Let Me Explode" by The Hold Steady

"Touched by the Sun" by Carly Simon (written for and presented to Jackie before her death)

"Bullet" by The Misfits

"The Trouble With Lovers" by Vegas

"The Lady is a Vamp" by The Spice Girls includes the lines "Jackie-O. We loved her so."

"You Wear it Well" by Rod Stewart — "Madame Onassis got nothin' on you."

"Posthuman" by Marilyn Manson (Reference includes the lines "In all of her dreams/She's a saint like Jackie O.")

"Anything" by Third Eye Blind - "Jackie O with the top down open/All the words to what's unspoken."

"52 Girls" by The B-52s - The last girl named of the 25 girls' names listed in the song.

"Romeo and Juliet" by Mickey Avalon - Includes the line "Jackie O had Johnny F; I just wanna smoke your last cigarette."

"Burn Like Brilliant Trash (at Jackie's funeral)" by Machines of Loving Grace - Includes the line "I survived, while Ruby died."

"Cruel" by Bryan Ferry - "And James Bond, Jackie O, Johnnie Ray and Garbo/Who got an answer here?"

"Tomorrow Wendy" by Concrete Blonde - ("Underneath the chilly grey November sky/We can make believe that Kennedy is still alive and/We're shooting for the moon/And smiling Jackie's driving by")

"Fever for the Flava" by Hot Action Cop - ("You gotta be my First Lady, Jackie")

"La, La, La" (Excuse me Miss Again)" by Jay-Z You wanna pass for my Jacqueline Onassis, then hop ya butt out that S-Class


alex said...

Wow, i had no idea how many there was. It just goes to show what a huge impact she had on people of all ages. x

The Carolyn Style said...

I LOVE Jackie's Strength by Amos. My favorite line being:

"If you love a lot you'll lie a lot, guess they did in Camelot"

alex said...

Jules, i've never heard that song before until now. It gave me goose bumps! what a beautiful song. x