Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update: This Is Not Jackie's Apartment; Info on the Koch's Sale

Jackie's apartment after rennovations. While the owners promised never to allow photos of the interiors, somehow these did get out, along with the revised floorplan, which added a playroom. I think it's a shame the wonderful big windows and french doors leading to the balcony were removed....For larger photos, go to

BUYER: Edgar Bronfman Jr.LOCATION: 1040 Fifth Avenue, New York, NYPRICE: $19,500,000 (list), maintenance $8,614/monthSIZE: 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathroomsDESCRIPTION: Beautifully decorated family apartment in one of Rosario Candela's best building. Expansive views of Central Park, Fifth Avenue and the Metropolitan Museum. The apartment has large reception rooms including a living room with wood burning fireplace and a well appointed dining room, each with vie2s of the park. The library has a wood burning fireplace. There are five bedrooms, each with bath, a large kitchen with butler's pantry and laundry area, a staff room with bath and a playroom.


kerry said...

this is is really interesting. Not a big fan of the design/decor taste of the new owners, but interesting to get some sense of the scale of the apartment.

alex said...

Is there any pictures inside when jackie owned it? i have to agree with kerry i'm not struck on the decor of present. x

The Carolyn Style said...

Alex - yeah I have a few...however I think the ones I have Keebs sent me! ha ha

I would give ANYTHING to live there!

Anonymous said...

Check out my website.

This was not Jackie's apt. I have the floor plan and pics.

Glad to meet more Jackie friends.

keeblerc said... does have the best photos. Are you sure though that it's not her apartment after it was rennovated? That's what I read in the article I got this from. I have the original floor plans, as well, from when Jackie was there and agree it looks quite different. I'll have to recheck this!

keeblerc said...

I found this which has good photos and information and says the apartment floorplan was changed in 2000. Still trying to track down the Bronfman thing.

keeblerc said...

You are right; found this tonight. Thanks for letting me know!

Jackie Flat Gets $32 M.

June 25, 2006 | 8:00 p.m

1040 Fifth Avenue, the former home of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is about to change hands. Hedge-fund manager Glenn Dubin has recently signed a contract to buy the $32 million apartment from billionaire David Koch, according to a source familiar with the deal. Mr. Dubin—who currently resides at nearby 1010 Fifth—is managing partner and co-founder of Highbridge Capital Management. But more interestingly, he’s also chairman of the Robin Hood Foundation, a favored charity of the late John F. Kennedy Jr., who also had a seat on its board and who grew up in the apartment Mr. Dubin is buying.And though Mr. Koch, the seller, would not identify Mr. Dubin as the buyer, he was happy to talk about the apartment he’s leaving behind. When Mr. Koch bought the apartment back in 1995, he said, it had to be completely refurbished. “Mrs. Onassis was very conservative financially, and she didn’t spend much on it,” said Mr. Koch. “We gutted the apartment and redid everything.” At approximately 5,300 square feet, the 15th-floor spread includes five bedrooms and five and a half baths. There is also a library, a conservatory, a dining room, two terraces and three fireplaces. But for the billionaire Mr. Koch—whose third child was born a week ago—that wasn’t enough space for him, his wife, three children, his mother-in-law and three nannies. “As much as I love the old Jackie Onassis apartment, it wasn’t large enough,” said Mr. Koch. Considering that Mr. Koch is worth an estimated $12 billion, it’s not surprising that he will be heading over to the much-celebrated 740 Park Avenue, home to fellow billionaires like Steve Schwarzman and Ronald Lauder. Purchased for $18 million two years ago, Mr. Koch’s new duplex has about twice as much space.

alex said...

Thanks everyone! Wow that place was amazing. X